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*nsync mpegs

i have requests... i'm working on a project and i need some mpegs that i don't have. it's all stuff that i have on videotape, so i can make mpegs of it. but if any of you happen to have them lying around, that would save me some time. i don't always save every mpeg that comes down the pike (and then i'm sorry later, as witnessed here), so i know some of these were floating around at one point. anyway, any help at all would be appreciated. these are the ones i'm looking for:

JC on Tom Green
Justin Punk'd #1
Lance getting inducted to MS Hall of Fame (did we ever see video of this?)
Lance in the shower on Sharon Osbourne
Anything related to CFTC V
Chris's bday in Jamaica
Later (Kilborn) where Joey announced his engagement
Joey hosting Fame
Joey doing Grease (**I had that snippet of him, but I deleted it. does anyone still have it??)
Justin hosting MTV Movie Awards
JC on "Greetings from Tucson"
Lance on "Pet Psychic" (*snicker*)
JC and his butt on Movie House with Justin's girlfriend
Joey singing on the Playboy Special

again, any help at all would be swell. thanks!

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